ELEGANT BAPTISM AT THE RESIDENCE WEDDING       READ MORE WEDDING & RECEPTION AT KTIMA 48 WEDDING   Even though Evi and Florian permanently reside in Germany. Τhey wanted to have their wedding in Greece in order to honor the bride’s c... READ MORE SUMMER WEDDING AT THE RESIDENCE WEDDING   To know them is to instantly fall in love with them. If there were names next to the words "positive energy" those would be the names of Di... READ MORE DESTINATION WEDDING IN VILLA DELENIA WEDDING   Can a wedding celebration get much grander than a multi-day party on a lush island mountain top? Victoria and Ted traveled with their ... READ MORE LUXURY WEDDING AT ISLAND THE RESIDENCE WEDDING The title I chose for this post is "a wonderful wedding at Island - The residence". The rather pleasant issue I had to face was to choose the wor... READ MORE WEDDING AT PANAGIA FANEROMENI VOULIAGMENI WEDDING After the pre-wedding photoshooting we had in London, the inevitable distance between us had been lost. So, our next goal was to perform a very ... READ MORE ROMANTIC WEDDING IN SIFNOS WEDDING   It is impossible for a photographer to refuse an invitation to capture a Greek island wedding. The colours and symmetries of the isla... READ MORE Turkish Wedding Island C-Lounge WEDDING If you thought there was still animosity between Greece and Turkey, it’s time to think again. This Turkish Wedding Island C-Lounge Wedding was ab... READ MORE PRE WEDDING ENGAGEMENT LONDON WEDDING So, as they live permanently in London, when we first talked with Dimitris and Nancy on Skype in order to get to know each other and present them the... READ MORE NEXT DAY PHOTOSHOOT LAKE DOXA WEDDING   Here are some thoughts about this next day photoshoot at Lake Doxa with a gorgeous couple. Kostas and Peny are two wonderful human bei... READ MORE SUMMER WEDDING IN ALSOS NIMFON WEDDING Who said fairy tales are not true? If you had attended Zoe and Dimitris’ wedding, you would be convinced you had actually stepped into one. As a ... READ MORE ROMANTIC WEDDING IN LAAS ESTATE WEDDING While it is becoming increasingly rare for modern couples, Anna Maria and John wanted to follow tradition faithfully on their big day and plan a ... READ MORE WEDDING IN ISLAND ART & TASTE WEDDING A wedding in Athens... When you live in a city like Athens, you think that achieving something exceptional for your wedding is a hard thing to... READ MORE LEBANESE WEDDING AT VENETSANOS WINERY WEDDING This is a fairly challenging task for a wedding photographer, who is bound by the very beauty of one of the most spectacular sceneries in the wor... READ MORE SANTORINI PRE WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT WEDDING READ MORE Romantic Summer Mountain Wedding WEDDING Simon and Agathi called us and said that they would have their wedding relatively soon after our first contact.Our team was recommended by a coup... READ MORE SUMMER WEDDING AT KTIMA LAAS WEDDING When soon to be married couples like Spyros and Antigone reach out to us and ask us to shoot their wedding in Ktima Laas, we cannot easily hide o... READ MORE LEBANESE WEDDING IN GREECE WEDDING One morning I received an e-mail from Lebanon, from Sandy to be precise, who expressed her desire to get married to Eddie at Mohito Bay, a beach ... READ MORE WEDDING AND BAPTISM AT THE RESIDENCE WEDDING In early May I received an Email from a gorgeous couple such as Manos and Antonia that the theme was the wedding and baptism at The Residence Estate,... READ MORE