While it is becoming increasingly rare for modern couples, Anna Maria and John wanted to follow tradition faithfully on their big day and plan a Romantic Wedding in Laas Estate. Their wedding is testament to how tradition and customs can be a big part of a wedding not only without dating it but adding meaning and romance to it. The choice of location was easy for the couple: Laas Estate in Paiania stands out from the rest.


It is not a typical reception hall. At Laas Estate, a faded coral chapel stands along the multiplex reception building designed by a Greek family with a love of nature and ecology in a setting that takes one’s breath away. Every detail at Laas Estate is meticulously and painstakingly planned, from the wood used brought in from Mount Athos to the paving slabs from Arcadia. The owners’ perfectionism and insistence on using only the finest and most ecological materials in the country paid off, as they managed to create a masterpiece of a venue. In Anna Maria and John’s case, it was the perfect location for a wedding that will never be forgotten.


For the couple’s wedding, the estate was minimally decorated. Heart-shaped wreaths hanging from strings around the venue were particularly artful and poignant. Vows were exchanged in front of the picturesque chapel and the guests were tearful with emotion as they showered the bride and groom with rice. Anna Maria and John greeted their guests at the ceremony with a bang, as sparklers accompanied their grandiose entrance.


A dinner full of authentic Greek flavors took place on the estate’s lawn overlooking Attica. Surrounded by the scents of cherry, almond, cedar and mulberry trees, the couple and their guests took in the atmosphere with all of their senses. As the sun went down and the city of Athens lit up with lights, creating a spectacular sigh, a beautiful romantic wedding in Laas Estate ended.





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