About Love


      We don’t see things as they are, We see them as we are.                                “Anaïs Nin”


      My journey started in 1996, when I took up a job as a Cameraman Assistant in a production studio for a private TV channel in Greece. Three years later, having a better grip of the image world and quite a bit of experience on my back, I captured my first pictures as a Cameraman. Various projects would hence follow, including my collaboration with private and public TV channels, field productions and documentaries. Still, my curiosity would always lead me to explore new paths of image and technology. My next career endeavor was my position as Steadicam Operator, while later on I worked in video clips and field productions. Alongside my career as a videographer, in 2009 I turned my hobby in photography into a professional involvement. The duo of Myphotografer was my alter ego in photography for the next 8 years.

      Our selective collaborations along with our sincere disposition towards each newly wed couple would establish our work in the photography world. When not doing wedding photography, companies such as Philip Morris Papastratos, Eurobank, Beiersdorf HellasMat Fashion, Admine 3_0, Production House, Cosmeticdermamedicine, AMV Beauty Care, Day 6 Communications, CNC Solutions IQ Dermaclinics e.t.c (check here) would trust me with various corporate photography projects. How do I spend my leisure time? You won’t catch me strolling with a camera at hand; I prefer holding my two sons instead…

      Thank you,

      The Photographer
      Andreas Stavropoulos

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