Who said fairy tales are not true? If you had attended Zoe and Dimitris’ wedding, you would be convinced you had actually stepped into one. As a wedding photographer, I would be satisfied if my work managed to capture and transmit even a small fraction of the magical atmosphere of that day in this summer wedding in Alsos Nimfon near Lake Marathon in Attica. True to its name meaning Nymphs’ Grove in English, Alsos Nimfon is a location which looks unreal – it is where one would imagine fairies and elves live. It only took one look at the location for me to understand why the couple chose it to bring to life the magical day of love and celebration they envisioned. As a large forested estate standing on a natural scenic terrace, it offers jaw-dropping views overlooking Lake Marathon, which is a spectacular sight and location of historic importance.


For Zoe and Dimitris’ wedding ceremony, the estate’s small chapel was adorned with a pale orange and white floral arrangement, a gorgeous color palette that defined the sophisticated décor. With white lamps hanging from the trees around the chapel, the couple became husband and wife in what could only be described as a scenery from fairy tales. The serenity of the ceremony gave way to a roaring celebration in the estate’s lush garden, which features a beautifully designed round pool.


Zoe and Dimitris made an impressive entrance at the reception, walking down the stairs to the garden as sparklers went off around them, which delighted their family and friends. As the couple and their guests danced the night away, a saxophone musician playing his instrument on the dance floor added a romantic touch to the evening. The couple could not help but smile while swaying to the smooth sounds of the saxophone together – for the first time as husband and wife. 

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