Ted and Victoria traveled with their friends and family from America to Greece to have the wedding they were dreaming about. This is why they made their plans in their own way and it all came out so sweet and warm.

They chose the “Delenia, jewel of the Aegean a private villa” where all the guests could be accommodated.  It all started with a 3-day party at Villa Delenia’s Pool. The wedding day, the preparation of the bride and groom took place in the traditional villas with low romantic lighting. The ceremony was held under the glittering sun of Greece with touches of the blue of the Aegean Sea.

After a beautiful dinner with their friends, curated by planner Ioanna Loukakis, they started a frantic party with plenty of alcohol, dance and laughs until the first rays of the sun marked the end of the party and the beginning of a new life.

My Wishes for a Happy Life!

You can watch a short wedding slideshow on YouTube