Can a wedding celebration get much grander than a multi-day party on a lush island mountain top? Victoria and Ted traveled with their family and friends all the way from their home in the USA to live out their dream for this destination wedding in Villa Delenia. Choosing to stay at Villa Delenia on the island of Evia, which is connected to the mainland by road. Τhe couple and their guests enjoyed a few days’ worth of a pool-side holiday before the wedding. The traditional architecture of the villa, with its stone exterior and wooden interior boasting gorgeous arched windows, added a romantic feel to the days leading up to the wedding.


On the wedding day, the sun was shining brightly, casting a beautiful light on the blue waters of the Aegean Sea which could be admired from the wedding’s remote, mountaintop location. The ceremony took place in front of a stone arch with a window framing a view of the sea. It’s an image perfect in its simplicity which allowed the couple’s love to shine in front of backdrop of endless blue. Tears were shed by both the bride and groom during the exchange of vows, which left everyone in attendance touched and privileged to be witnessing images of genuine love. The reception that followed took place by the villa’s lagoon-like pool, which provided incredible views of the seaside cliffs, while the reeds that surrounded the garden added a tropical island air to the atmosphere.


Victoria and Ted enjoyed a lavish dinner with their friends and family, curated by planner Ioanna Loukakis, which was followed by a joyful party. It was only the first rays of sun appearing that marked the end of the celebration, as well as Ted and Victoria’s first day as husband and wife. With my images, I can only hope to do justice to this incredible wedding of two people deeply in love. 







You can watch a short wedding slideshow on YouTube