So, as they live permanently in London, when we first talked with Dimitris and Nancy on Skype in order to get to know each other and present them the way I photoshoot couples on their wedding day, I didn’t miss the opportunity to suggest a Pre-Wedding photoshooting there.

A pre wedding engagement at the London. The city and the places where they create their common memories.


It is not by chance that London is one of the best travel destinations.
It is a lively, interesting and multicultural city where one can meet cultures from all over the world at every corner.

For me personally, London is one of my favourite places and I could visit it every weekend.


My idea was recording with my perspective their everyday life in London without interfering.

The hardest part of the photoshooting was finding a weekend with good weather and in particular no rain! But having a positive attitude and a bit of luck makes everything possible!

So, I set off on a weekend in October for the pre-wedding photoshooting with Dimitris and Nancy in beautiful London.

On these two days, we had a very beautiful photo shooting, we had a good time and, most importantly, we had the time to get to know better each other and prepare for an equally beautiful Wedding in December.


Wishing you the best of luck!



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