Even though Evi and Florian permanently reside in Germany. Τhey wanted to have their wedding in Greece in order to honor the bride’s country of origin. Their choice of location certainly achieved to plan a wedding and reception at Ktima 48. With its astonishing view of the Saronic Gulf, Ktima 48 on the Athens Riviera in Anavyssos provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s special day. From 2000 kilometers away, they managed to plan an incredible summer wedding which was witnessed by their closest family and friends and delighted everyone in attendance.



Pastel colored flower arrangements, peppered with wild lavender, adorned the chapel which the bride was walked to down the stairs by her uncle. With the groomsmen and bridesmaids lined up and the bow-tie clad groom waiting for her, the emotions were palpable.

The romantic ceremony took place outdoors, in a lush green garden overlooking a blue sea surrounded by red cliffs, with tall palm trees adding an exotic and tropical touch to the scenery. The sun setting over the sea’s velvet waters cast a golden shade over the venue. Sun created a breath-taking atmosphere that drew me in as a wedding photographer and allowed me to capture unique moments that can be cherished by the couple and their guests forever.



The sunset also signaled the beginning of the wedding reception, which was just as marked with emotion as the ceremony. With tables artfully arranged on the green lawn next to a lit-up swimming pool, speeches were given before the couple had their first dance as husband and wife.

Evi and Florian smiled as they danced, showered with rose petals by their loved ones. If the joyous party that followed is any indication of Evi and Florian’s future together in marriage, then it is completely safe to say they are in for a very happy life. 






You can watch a short wedding slideshow on YouTube
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