Wedding photographers like having the chance to photograph weddings or baptisms in different places in Greece.
And they enjoy it even more when these take place on the Greek islands where the light, the colours, the symmetries and kind attitudes are all over.
Having these thoughts in mind, I received a call from Evdokia on the first days of January. She wanted to get married to Yorgos in Sifnos.
The preparation of the bride would start inside the beautiful neoclassical Psaropoulou building in Artemonas and the wedding would take place at the church of Epta Martyres within the Kastro of Sifnos.
Yorgos and Evi reached the venue of the reception at Lazarou Beach in Platys Gialos from the seaside, on a wonderful all-white fishing-boat, making a pleasant surprise to their guests.
The truth is that organising a wedding from distance, both in Sifnos and anywhere else, has a lot of difficulties.
On such occasions, the contribution of an experienced photographer is very important as he can point to the couple aspects that need attention.
The guidance of a wedding photographer may function to the benefit of the couple, thus contributing to making the wedding of their dreams come true.

Wishing you the best of luck!

A short clip from a Wedding At Sifnos.