Our beautiful last baptism clients Ourania & Taxiarhis asked me to be a part of their very special day.The Baptism of their little one Lydia at The Residence Estate.

My style for photographing Baptisms is very similar to how i photograph weddings.

Photojournalistic and natural, just capturing the event as it unfolds as well as making sure i capture the special guests and baptism decoration at last.


The reception was an instagram dream, balloons, vibrant flowers, geometric hanging decor.

I love photographing such special events, particularly when i have been there for other family moments in the past because the feelings are deeper. One of the best parts of my job is watching families that i photographed their weddings to grow.

Weddings or Baptisms are a very special family and religious occasion. I want to help you preserve essential memories of your child’s christening, that is why choosing a professional photographer to capture the entire event is priceless.


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