Christenings and baptisms are very important moments in a family life. A christening is a great occasion to bring your family and friends together, whether you choose a small intimate ceremony or a bigger event. Having a professional photographer during your christening will relieve you from the stress. Also allows you to enjoy your event and take care of your baby & guests.


My event photography style is natural and relaxed and not to intervene the baptism flow. I understand that each church has its own christening traditions so whether your baby is having a Greek Orthodox, Catholic or Anglican christening, I will respect each tradition.

Prior to the day of the baptism, we will have a chat so I can get an idea of what the baptism means to you, who will attend, when and where. We will talk about what are the most important photos for you so I make sure I photograph them during the event.

On the day, I can meet you in your home while you are getting ready. This should be the occasion for lovely pictures of your baby getting dressed all smartly. This can be the opportunity for a few formal photos of your close family. If there are other children, this will be a calmer time for photos than during the party later.


At the church, before the christening begins, I always try to speak to the priest and check with him/her the program of the baptism flow, where the events will take place so I can be in the best spot during the ceremony, without disturbing.

I will focus my photos on your child, yourselves and your close relatives.

At the end of the christening ceremony, I will photograph the hugs and smiles that will make you remember this day with warmth forever.



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