Simon and Agathi called us and said that they would have their wedding relatively soon after our first contact.Our team was recommended by a couple whose wedding had been covered by us a year and a half ago.
Having a recommendation from one of our previous couples to cover the wedding of their friends is both a great honor and an even greater responsibility to achieve the best result for this Romantic Summer Mountain Wedding.

Their wedding party was to take place at Pliadon Gi Mountain Resort, in Trikala Korinthias, with no more than 180 guests.
Hence the wedding preparations, that is the arrangements for the church, the wedding decorations, the reception and the music, were somewhat frenzy.For the couple’s wedding, the estate was minimally decorated. Heart-shaped wreaths hanging from strings around the venue were particularly artful and poignant. Vows were exchanged in front of the picturesque chapel and the guests were tearful with emotion as they showered the bride and groom with rice.

Usually, when a wedding is not being held at a couple’s place of living, chances are there will be a wild wedding party afterwards.
This happens because the guests following the couple at their wedding will spend a couple of days away from the usual everyday habits and schedule.
However, when it comes to a couple like Simon and Agathi, their positive energy would undoubtedly make all their guests and us and with that thought, I found myself thinking how grateful I was to be part of such a beautiful moment in this lovely couple’s life and this Romantic Summer Mountain Wedding at Pleiadon Gi.


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