This is a fairly challenging task for a wedding photographer, who is bound by the very beauty of one of the most spectacular sceneries in the world to take as beautiful pictures as possible. A Lebanese Wedding at Venetsanos Winery with this magnificent Caldera view at Santorini Island. Nevertheless, the challenge is not less daunting for the couple, since arranging a wedding from long distance is not exactly a stroll in the park either.


The key to success is finding the right people, the people you can work with and trust, so that, when that special day comes, you will be able to let yourselves loose and enjoy every moment of it. A wedding photographer, using his experience and positive attitude, can help the couple loosen up and whenever needed, give them a guiding advice, while the couple’s friends can add the necessary warmth to that day’s atmosphere.


Charles and Beverly are one of the lucky couples who had the chance to have their wedding in such a breathtaking place such as Santorini and more specific Venetsanos Winery, given that, in all honesty, the preparations for such a wedding are not insignificant.
 All in all, we had the chance to take a nice, relaxed walk in Santorini, take some wedding photos and create wonderful memories from this Lebanese wedding at Venetsanos winery.



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